Meet the team

Artist: Simran

Simran is the creative mind of SquidCat, Ink. She draws inspiration for her work from the antics of her family and friends, said family and friend's cats, and her adventures around the world. Her very simple goal is to create art that makes people smile.
Simran works out of a small corner of her house in Columbus, Ohio. When she isn't busy drawing, she loves to travel, read, and binge-watch shows on Netflix. 

Creative Muse: Archimedes

Archimedes is the creative "mews"of SquidCat, Ink. His joie de vivre, kind heart, and charming personality combined with his eternally nonplussed expression continues to inspire Simran's creativity to this day. 

Creative Menace: Merlin

Merlin's position at SquidCat, Ink is an ongoing mystery. Quite frankly, he refuses to contribute anything useful to the team. He wouldn't even let us take a professional photo for the website.

About the Cards

In 2015, Simran challenged herself to draw every single day. Some days were good, and she drew full page illustrations. Some days were not as good, and all she managed was a doodle. But all kinds of (mostly animal) characters were born from those doodles…and eventually made their way to become the cards she makes today!
Simran uses watercolor and pens to transform those doodles into full compositions (along with a pun here and there, of course). The design is then scanned and tweaked to get ready for printing.
Creating cards with as little impact on the environment as possible is very important at SquidCat, Ink. All of our cards and envelopes are made with 100% recycled paper, and the clear sleeve they come in is compostable.