2022 Fall Releases

I’m so excited to share the new releases for Fall 2022! I have three new designs for you, and I’m really happy with all three of them. I hope you will love them too.

TY007: Mango and Kiki

First up is a new thank you card. This is one of my most requested card categories at markets, as they are good to have on hand to give out when the need arises. This design features some faces you might know if you’ve been following along on social media, my pandemic b̶a̶b̶i̶e̶s̶  kittens Mango and Kiki. Although they’ve popped up on a couple of cards before, I thought it was high time for them to have their very own space to shine. 

BB008: Baby Tiger

This new baby card started off as a custom painting request by my market friends and makers of the best macarons ever, Mjomii. The original painting went to Calvin’s sister and brother in law, who just welcomed a new little one into the world. Their special request was inspired by the fact that mom, dad and baby are all born in the year of the tiger! 

XM015: Howlidays

Although as you may have noticed, I am a bit more of a cat person, I do love dogs too. Some of my customers reminded me that I have been remiss in making enough dog-themed cards, and so I decided to remedy that immediately! What dog breeds are you looking forward to see in future SquidCat designs?

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