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Times are strange with Corona Virus keeping everyone stuck inside. Art shows have been cancelled, postponed or made virtual, and brick and mortar retailers have largely had to close to help do their part to keep everyone safe. Artists like me are struggling to figure out a way forward when the majority of our retail outlets are down for the count! 

One wonderful concept I came across while brainstorming what to do in face of this new dilemma is the Artist Support Pledge. The idea is simple. Artists create pieces of work for $200 or less, and once they make $1000, they pledge to spend $200 on another artist's work! This helps booster and keep the arts alive. 

So, in the spirit of this, I have been creating paintings which you can find in the Original Paintings section of my website, all for $200 or less. When everything is back to normal, I'll have a host of new cards and prints to show for my time stuck indoors, but until then I hope you enjoy perusing a slightly different gallery of paintings!

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