January 2021 Releases!

New Releases

New year new stuff! This upcoming release brings you 2 new prints and a whopping 6 new cards!

I hopped around a little bit this time, working with some old projects and some new. Allow me to introduce you to the newest designs!

We Remember

From popular demand, my pet sympathy card We Remember has been made into a print. I created this painting around the time I lost my dear cat Archimedes, and it brought great comfort to me, as I hope it brings to others too.

Year of the Snake Card

The second art print is a continuation of my Chinese Zodiac series, the Year of the Snake! This is now also available as a birthday card as well.


Art challenges were the inspiration for several cards this time. 2 of the cards in this release (Welcome and Ribbiting) were created for the Folk Tale Week challenge in November, and one (Box Cats) was created for Inktober 2 years ago!

Thank MewFirefly

Thank Mew features my, my sibling’s, and my parent’s cats (you may have seen them before if you’ve been paying attention). And finally, the concept and caption for Firefly was suggested to me by my wonderful fiancée Bryan!

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