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Idea Junkyard (Things that Inspire Me)

So far, March has been a wonderful month weather-wise. The sun has come out of hiding and Spring is in the air!


This month I've been particularly enjoying scrolling through some old favorites from my younger days. One playlist pulled up Tracy Chapman's Fast Car, and since then I have been playing it on repeat. There are a lot of covers, and I browsed through a few of them, but as I suspected, the original is still the best! Her voice is amazingly rich with emotion, it's completely enchanting. 


I've been reading two books this month. My fiction fix is  The Ten Thousand Doors of January by Alix E. Harrow. I'm only halfway through, but I really like her voice as a writer. You can tell how much she delights in her love of language and books right from the get go. 

The other book I've been reading is How to Break Up with your Phone by Catherine Price. It's all about reclaiming your own attention from your phone, and creating a better relationship with it. I have found it very informative and helpful, and since putting some of her suggestions into practice, I do feel more present and focused!


My current artist favorite is Chaaya Prabhat. She is a illustrator/designer from Chennai, India. I came across her work a while back while scrolling Instagram and have been an avid follower ever since. Her color palettes are so complex and rich, but never seem overcrowded to me. I also love that she illustrates myths and stories from around the world!


I'm not sure if everyone considers this to be a "craft", but I've been diving into gardening with the warmer weather. I planted a lot of bulbs in the fall, and I've been so happy to see all the daffodils, crocuses and tulips popping up all around. 

My sister and I constructed two veggie beds, and are going to try our hands at some vegetable gardening this year! Of the seeds we got, I'm most excited to see how the okra turns's in the hibiscus family so it has beautiful flowers, and gets up to 6 feet tall!


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