Meowdy! New releases!

New Releases

It's interesting to me to see how being stuck in quarantine has affected my art. I've noticed a pattern in my recent pieces of what I miss doing  (like giving a tight hug to loved ones who have to stay 6 feet away), and of things I want to say to others (like Howdy--read "I miss you", and I'm here for you). It has shifted me back a little into more simplistic designs to better capture a pure sentiment. 

This newest release of cards and prints is a mixture of a few things. We have a bit of quarantine humor and loneliness, a bit of the Chinese Zodiac project I have been working on since before Covid, and 2 new prints based on my Artist Support Pledge paintings which seemed to be a hit. It's a little chaotic, a little scatter brained, and very much in the spirit of 2020. I hope you enjoy it!

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