April Inspiration

Idea Junkyard (Things that Inspire Me)

Happy (almost end of) April! Here's what's been going on/inspiring me this month!



Bryan (my fiancée who you may have met at various markets) introduces me to pretty much all of my new music. I was having a bad day earlier this month, and he put this one on for me, and it made me feel better right away. If you ever need a pick-me-up, this has quickly become my go to song!

Naimononedari by performed by Kana-Boon and Necry Talkie

 Books I'm Reading 


Lately I've been rereading an old favorite - the His Dark Materials trilogy by Phillip Pullman! I think the last time I read it was probably sometime in junior high school, so it's been really fun to go back to with an adult perspective. Although I remember quite a bit of the story, a lot of the more grownup themes went right over my head as a kid, so it's been a very interesting reread. 

Inspiring Art


I came across Felicia Chiao's artwork on Instagram during the stay at home order early on in the pandemic. Her illustrations tend to depict lovely and beautiful places that feel like homes, but the characters express a sense of wistful removal from their surroundings that felt incredibly relatable. I love how much careful and precise detail she packs into each image, and her use of lighting to set the mood is really powerful. 

Crafts and Other Projects

One of my oldest friends and I have recently started working on a little comic together! It's going to be a series of short one to four panel comics about silly shenanigans our we and our cats get into, and is called Creature Comforts. If you're interested in following along, you can check out our work on Instagram @impossibleteapot.


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